Welcome to Jelka! Are you are a farmer, be it livestock, poultry or arable and looking to diversify into equestrian business?

How can we help farmers?

  • We are able to help you utilise existing farm facilities, people and machinery into a profitable equestrian business.

  • We give clear, unbiased advice about how all the functions of your facility can work together efficiently.

  • We help you build your facility as you need it.

  • We understand the constraints of budgets and finance and particularly how important it is to spend wisely.

  • We work closely with Equine Business Consultancy who are experts in business law, investments, finance, and equine business management.

  • We are specialists in helping you save time, money and effort in order to help you maximise your return on investment.

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HIT Active Stable

The Activestable is a facility designed to replicate a horses' natural living conditions.  With the use of automated feeders, drinkers, horse beds and ground mats you can quickly turn an area of land into a profitable horse keeping enterprise. 

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Equestrian Competition Venue

If you are in a good location to create a horse competition venue, its a great way to start off in the horse industry.

With the right investment, a leading venue can quickly attract a lot of attention from professional and amateur riders.

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