HIT Active Stable: Horse Feeding Systems

Handle individual forage and concentrate feeding with easy technology

Benefits of technology assisted feeding systems?

The HIT Active Stable feeding systems are developed with scientific findings to create the ideal, individually tailored feeding concept solution for you and your horses.

  • Feeding is perhaps the most important feature of the active stable.  For happy healthy horses, more chewing is less kicking.
  • Feeding is labour intensive however the active stable feeding systems saves a lot of time and effort with accurate automation technology.  
  • An added benefit for the horses is the stimulation to exercise by walking between the various feed stations.

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Feeding Technology Overview:

Transponder Control

Each horse recieves appropriate forage and concentrates 24hrs per day.

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Time Control

Control access to the feeder (forage only) to specific times and a set duration.

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Feeding Racks

Create areas for horses to eat additional forage (retired horses for example)

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Feeding Computer

Control all feeding technology with one central computer.

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TRANSPONDER  Controlled Feeding For Forage & Concentrates

A transponder is a unique tracker for each horse that communicates with the feeding system.  This ensures that the individual horse receives the programmed amount of forage and concentrates in small portions throughout the day. 

  • Tested and proven technology

  • Horse friendly

  • Worn via a neck strap or woven into the hair

  • Can be used in combination with time controlled feeders

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White horse with transponder woven into the hair

Transponder enabled feeding stations:

Concentrate feed station Compact

COMPACT Concentrate Feeder

Designed for corner installation to save space

  • 2x 150-litre feed silos

  • 1x mineral feed 25 litre

Concentrate feed station Easy

EASY Concentrate Feeder

Straight guide system for straight in/out system easy for horses to see through

  • 2x 150-litre feed silos

  • 1x mineral feed 25 litre

Compact select concentrate feed station

COMPACT-SELECT Concentrate Feeder

Additional selection door to direct horses to different areas (e.g. paddocks)

  • 2x 150-litre feed silos
  • 1x mineral feed 25 litre

    DOUBLE EXCLUSIVE Forage Feeder

    • Duo station for up to 8 horses

    • Protective screen in the feeding area

      Forage feed station Exclusive

      EXCLUSIVE Forage Feeder

      • Single station for up to 4 horses

      COMBI-EXCLUSIVE Concentrate and Forage Feeder

      • 1x 150-litre concentrate feed storage container
      • 1x forage feed station

      Selection EXCLUSIVE

      To allow specific horses individual access to forage, pasture or VIP areas

      Standard Feeder Specifications

      • Wood or plastic guide system with a clear exit door
      • Detection electronics
      • Rubber swing door to prevent unauthorised access
      • Stainless steel trough
      • Operates at 12 volts

      TIME Control Feeding

      Forage | Concentrates

      Time controlled feeding where the system operates at specific times for horses with similar dietary needs.

      • Ideal for small groups of horses and integration pens

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      Example of a time controlled horse feeder

      Forage Feeding

      Time controlled feeding of forage such as hay and haylage.

      Single horse feeder for forage - works by time


      For small groups, integration bays and night bays.

      • 1x feed station

      • Width x height: 808 x 2000 mm

      • Operates at 12 volts


      Maxi horse feeder for 4 horses to feed at once


      For larger groups, integration bays and night bays

      • 4x time controlled feed stations

      • Width x height: 2950 x 2400 mm

      • Operates at 12 volts


      Concentrate Feeding

      Time controlled concentrate feeding - ideal for individual horses.

      K 1-40

      For stables, integration bays and night bays.

      • 1x 40-litre capacity storage

      • Galvanised steel housing

      • Includes feed chute and fittings

      • Operates at 12 volts

      K 1-40 stable feeder for concentrates
      Feeding  Rack
      Non automated feeding of forage
      • Suitable for large groups of horses

      • Various sizing available for ponies and horses

      • Galvanised frames and dividers

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      Outdoor covered horse feeder with opening sides

      Feed Rack SAFETY

      Non-automatic feeding of forage.

      • 4x feeding stations per rack

      • Width x height: 3000 x 2400 mm

      • Various installation options (modular)

      • Can be also used as a gate.

      • Ideal for use in combination with slow feed nets

      Drawing of the feed rack safety feeder
      Active Stable operators adjusting the feeding computer
      Feeding  Computer
      Centralised feeding computer to control all the stations in the Activestable.
      • Works to control transponder and time operated stations  
      • Touch screen interface  
      • Network compatible  
      • Can be operated by PC or smartphone  
      • Very user-friendly  
      • In-depth feeding analysis software  
      •  Remote maintenance for service

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