Activestable: Ground Mats and Grids

Clean dry surfaces ensures happy healthy horses in the Activestable


Horses require a good footing structure in order for them to exhibit their natural behaviour such as exercising, rolling and playing. 

The Activestable owner should be aware that the cleaning and maintenance of the Activestable can be done simply and efficiently with the correct use of ground mats and grids. 

Cutting corners in the planning and construction stage often result in regret for not considering the importance of ground stabilisation enough.  With the custom-designed mats and grids for the Activestable planned from the beginning, a long-lasting appropriate footing system can be created easily.

DRAINGRID  all year round

Arenas | Trails | Rolling Terrain | Slopes | Paddocks
  • Efficient rainwater drainage due to transverse design.

  • Sophisticated but functional design that is lightweight (for lower cost and transport).

  • Strong and durable recycled plastic material.

  • Allows plant growth

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Special Feature: Extra depth for high traffic usage and rolling areas

Size: 600 x 400 x 55 mm

Particularly strong for rolling areas

Integrated cross drainage system.

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GroundMat all year round

Feeding Areas | Paddocks | Slopes | Trails
  • Superior slip resistance for feeding areas

  • Easy to clean and maintain by machine or manually

  • Strong, stable and durable recycled plastic material.

  • The GroundMat range all have different features in addition to the above.

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Special Feature: Can be laid without a sub-base.

Size: 1140 x 810 x 45 mm (0.92 sqm)

Weight: 27kg per mat

Not perforated

Ideal for barefoot horses

Stable, durable and easy to clean (manually and by machine).


Special Feature: designed for steep slopes

Size: 1210 x 805 x 40 mm (0.97 sqm)

Weight: 20kg per mat

Exceptional slip resistance for steep slopes

Sturdy and durable perforated plastic


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