Activestable: Drinking Troughs

Provide fresh, clean and unrestricted access to water.


Importance of drinking troughs:

Water is critical to aid the function of horses digestion, metabolism and thermoregulatory systems.  Therefore clean, uncontaminated drinking water should always be available without limit to quantity.  Some Activestable farms in mountainous areas have access to flowing spring water however this is not always possible so our Activestable drinking systems are designed to mimic natural conditions.

Drinkers mounted close to the ground allow the horse to take water in a natural way like at rivers, streams and ponds.  Water is available without the horse having to press valves and allows them to drink directly from the trough without having to wait for more water to flow in.  All troughs are integrated with heating systems to prevent ice from restricting water access in the winter months.

Activestable TROUGHS

  • Mounted close to the ground in a natural position.

  • Water available without pressing valves etc

  • Unrestricted fast flow systems

  • Insulated to prevent ice restricting water and damaging the drinking system.

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For groups of up to 15 horses

Heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel (stands at 400mm high).

Includes insulation and thermostat.

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Double drinker for horses.

Heavy duty plastic and stainless steel construction (1090 x 640 x 61 mm)

Includes heating element, insulation and thermostat.

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Suitable for groups of up to 30 horses

Heavy duty plastic and stainless steel (2340 x 600 x 73 mm)

Includes heating element, insulation and thermostat.

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Ideal for single horses in stables and integration boxes.

Stainless steel and/or plastic, stainless, ceramic bowl.

Optional insulation and heating elements.

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