Key properties of horse walker flooring
Rubber flooring is essential for horse walkers

Key properties of horse walker flooring:

Horses need to move a lot.  Horse walkers are your tool to manage your horses' training needs but with frequent use, this requires the best flooring.  This is what you should look for:

  • Slip resistance for all kinds of weather and all seasons
  • No excessive abrasion and minimal track deformation (forming of grooves)
  • Easy to clean for superior hygienic quality
  • A soft yet firm surface that is gentle on equine joints

High quality horse walker flooring is slip resistant - what does this mean?

Did you know that slip resistance is a measurable factor of flooring safety? In a test environment, a device measures the loss of energy due to friction as it slides across the testing material.  In basic terms, this means measuring how hard it is to push/pull an object across a surface in wet and dry conditions.  The harder it is to travel, the more "slip resistance" there is.

Knowing this number is very important to understand the safety of your horse walker floor.  However, a bigger number (more grip) is not always better for a horse walker as too much grip can strain tendons because less impact is absorbed as the hoof contacts the floor.

No excessive abrasion and minimal track deformation around the horse walker

Many horse owners who operate horse walkers will have noticed that poor flooring materials degrade and deform quickly under heavy use.  Often a track in the centre of the walker is the first sign.

Abrasion resistance is the ability of the rubber to resist mechanical action such as the rubbing and scraping of the hooves.  This property is hugely influenced by the quality of the rubber and manufacturing techniques.  

Easy to clean horse walker flooring for superior hygienic quality

An easy to clean horse walker flooring will save you hours of labour time and result in a cleaner exercising environment for the horses.  Generally, a smooth surface will be easier to poo pick and urine will run off the floor in the direction of fall.  However, permeable flooring in external horse walkers without a roof enables rainfall to periodically wash through the floor effectively.

Horse walker rubber that is firm... yet soft and gentle on horses joints

Attempting to balance all these factors to produce a rubber material that is soft and gentle on joints yet tough enough to withstand the horses is difficult.  However, one of the most effective ways of achieving this is through extruded patterns in the underside of the flooring.  This result uses air to cushion the impact of the horses walking on the surface whilst not compromising on rubber strength.

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